About Us


My name is Alena Fajerová, i was born in a small town Partizánske, in the western region of Slovakia.

Since my childhood fascinated by the nature, i was spending a lot of time outside in the fresh air, reading rather natural history books instead of girls novels, my heroes were Joy and George Adamson,

Jean-Jacques Cousteau or Bernhard Grzimek … One of my dearest memories are the memories of my summer vaccations, which i, as a “city child”, spent by my grandmother in the beautiful Strážov Mountains, in northwestern Slovakia. Two months in the mountains, enclosed by animals – i was absolutely happy. Remained just my desire to get my own four-legged friend.


In winter 1990/91, as 21- years old, i have bouhgt my first own doggie – a black puppy of tibetan terrier BODYE BAMBABIBI – “Eric” from the breeder Jana Juhászová in Žilina in north Slovakia and so my life with purebred dogs, later also the breeding, dog shows and sport, has began.

In 1993 – 1998 i was a member of the Tibetan Terrier Club of Czech Republic, till 2006 also a member of the slovak Club of Terriers and Foxterriers.

Since january 2007 tibetan terriers (originally shepherd dogs, but never real terriers) have been correctly included in the Slovak Club of Tibetan Breeds, of which i was a member till 2011.


In august 2012, our pack has grown with my longed-for saluki bitch ARSHAN BEL BLANC – “Cherie”. She is the fulfillment of my longtime dream and i wish, my life with this amazing breed continues.

Nowadays i am a memeber of Slovak Sighthound Club and of  WWRV (Wiener Windhund Rennsport Verein) in Austria, which offers a fantastic opportunity of trainings during almost the whole year at the racetrack in Untersiebenbrunn, where also National and International Races are organized, 3-4 times a year.

Since 2001 i have been working and since 2007 also living in Austria. Still, i regularly travel and stay in Slovakia, which remains my “main” homeland and where i have raised all my previous litters.

Our dogs are (were) regularly checked for genetic diseases – tibetan terriers had been checked for PRA, NCL and LL, saluki for general heart health, especially DCM. I choose the partners for my bitches very responsibly and it is important for me, that the breeding pair harmonises not only optically but also of character. We have raised 5 beautiful, healthy litters so far. The first two of them were registered in the Slovak national register under our kennel name FALIZE, since 2000 our puppies have been registered under our new, FCI registered kennel name DHANGARHI (a town in western Nepal, a country of tibetan terriers origin). We always try to find loving homes for our babies and we are glad to keep contact with their new owners, to support them and to follow their development.

My general interest of nature has brought me also to horses, in my younger years i regularly went riding to the Mitani Club in Bojnice, SK.

Litter "F" Salukis 2020


Our puppies had / have in the vast of majority the best owners i could have wanted. Big thanks for their care and love.