Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya "Sheila"


Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya

Sable with white marks.
Sire : Ch. Dschowo´s Chandu
Dam: Cchangpal Sirdar
25.9. 2000 – 18.4.2019

Complet dentition, standard bite,
PRA, LL – negat., HD A/A

Slovak Beauty Champion, Slovak Grand Champion Slovenska, 14 x CAC, CC, 4 x res. CACIB, 3 x CACIB, BOB, Slovak Winner.

The Puppies : “D” and “E” Litter Dhangarhi

Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya

18.4.2019, in a warm spring afternoon, we had to say goodbye, my little girl.

You don´t know, how special you are. How blessed i was, having you in my life – for 18 years, 6 months and 24 days. What a gift !
I don´t know, how i earned, that your little brave heart was beating so long, full of love, only for me …
But, the time came, when the life was more struggle, than joy. And now – the nights are so unusually quiet without hearing your nails scuttering of on the floor. The place in your bed is empty, you don´t step on my heels anymore outside at the walks …
I am thankful, my sweet Sheila. For your quiet, unassuming, modest character. For your tenderness and beauty. You were a great sister to your brother Shaggy, a caring mama of our “E” and “D” puppies.
Now, you are together with your beloved brother and other littermates behind the rainbow bridge. I love you, my girlie, hoping, one day we will be reunited again …

your mama