Tibetan Terriers

Litter "E"

DOB: 03.10.2015

A'Jigme Lamleh Schambala
Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya - "Sheila"

JCh. A´Jigme Lamleh Schambala

Ch. Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya

E´KITAR-SCHAMPA Dhangarhi – male, black with white marks. Owner : Marianna Baranyiai, kennel Tsan Damasa, Hungary.

ELIS Dhangarhi – female, sable with white marks. Owner: Pavel Vojtěch, Czech Republic

EZRA-MANI Dhangarhi – female, gold sable. Owner: Miroslava Pernicová, kennel Anuttara, Czech Republic. (Dam of the “A” litter Anuttara, died 8.8.2012)

The last litter of tibetan terriers in my kennel – 3.10.2005 our Sheila gave birth to 3 beautiful healthy puppies – 2 girls (sable with white markings and gold sable) and one black boy. Father of our pups was a lovely young dog A´Jigme Lamleh Schambala, who lived at the Niebauer family in Prague, in the Czech republic. He was a representative of the Lamleh line, after parents from valuable european kennels, a very charismatic and elegant boy with a cheerful character. Jigme was very successful at the Tibet Dog Europe in 2005, in austrian Hollabrunn, where he got excellent 4 out of 8 dogs in the youth class, under the judge Mrs. Tuula Platan form Finnland. In the next years he became a father of 3 beautiful litters in the Czech republic.