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Some things in life are exactly planned, some of them just happen. And so, it was a destiny, that during my visit in the Bambabibi kennel, in autumn 1990, i simply fell in love with an adorable black tibetan terrier puppy – a boy named Bodye. It was a start of almost 30 years long period of my cohabitation with this amazing breed.

Bodye, called “Eric” was born on 24.10. 1990, in age, when the tibetan terrier breed still was a big rarity in my homeland Slovakia.

Eric was a very quiet doggie with calm character, such a real soft-hearted teddy-bear, who invited every visitor with a wagging tail. Successful at the dog shows, pleasant at home in a privacy – thanks to him this breed completely won my heart.

Unfortunately, he died very young – in age of only 5 years. But he left 9 litters behind, the last of them was the “A” litter in my kennel. The dam was a bitch, which i imported from the Czech Republic in 1992 – CCHANGPAL SIRDAR.


“Vicky” – as we called her, was an adorable, little sable girl with a lovely face and very compact body construction (frame). As sweet as she seemed to be, she sometimes was a real tomboy – a total opposite to Eric. She introduced a new way of inviting our guests – by loud barking, which was an unknown behaviour in our household before her arrival. Vicky became a founder bitch in my breeding and she gave birth of 20 puppies in the first 3 litters in my kennel.

From her last litter with the beautiful,charismatic male Dschowo´s Chandu I kept two puppies for myself – a gold sable male C´Changu Dhangarhi – “Shaggy” and a sable bitch Chogla Himalaya Dhangarhi, called “Sheila”. Having two siblings at home can have many advantages – they had amazing, non-conflicting relationship, always sticking together, protecting each-other and we had so much fun all together ! But, it was very hard, loosing them both in quite a short time.

My two unforgettable. Unique. My children. My loves from the moment, they were born directly into my palm, till their last breathing out. Forever …


Both champions of beauty and parents of gorgeous offsprings – each of them in two litters, what makes me very proud. With hindsight, their titles are not so important for me. Emitting positive energy, the bright sparks in their eyes, which were constantly watching every step i took, their endless love, their lifelong patient waiting for me till i come back from work in abroad and their immense bravery in their old age and illnesses – those are the really important things, which will forever remain in my heart. They both lived to very old age – Shaggy 16,5 years, Sheila even more – unbelievable 18,5 years … what a blessing ! For me, for us …

Also other “C” siblings lived up to very nice age – 13 till 15 years. A really extraordinary, healthy litter. Shaggy, who was all his life absolutely healthy and needed only vet controls and vaccinations, died 11.5.2017. After his very brave fight and despite of his enormous will to live, i had to help my dear boy and stop his suffering, caused by a tumor in his mouth, which, although operatively removed, metastased later to his brain. After her brother´s death, Sheila clung to us the more, scuttering around us like a little satellite. Our tiny granny. She died not even 2 years later, 18.4.2019.


After almost 30 years, i am without tibetan terriers … and it feels differently now. But they are further in my heart and … who knows, maybe one day a little shaggy tibetan sunshine will brighten our household again.

Until then – my big thanks to Mrs. Simona Jemelková ( the Sengge kennel ) for trusting me her puppy girl Cchangpal Sirdar in 1992, a later founder of my breeding. For the generous opportunity to use the amazing belgian dog Dschowo´s Chandu ( father of Shaggy and Sheila), who was staying at Simona in Olomouc, CZ, for a half of year. And  for using Sheila´s grandson Assam Anuttara as a sire of her “T” litter in 2019. The genes of my dear ones are living in their offsprins further.

I wish a lot of health and joy to the last two living TT offsprings, born in my kennel – “Eliška” -ELIS DHANGARHI and her owner Mr. Pavel Vojtěch in the Czech republic and to “Borisz” – E´KITAR SCHAMPA DHANGARHI and his owner Mrs. Marianna Baranyai in Hungary. Also to all our grand children and great-grandchildren.

With loving memory to all, they already left us.

Chogla Himalaya Dhangarhi "E" Litter

Chogla Himalaya Dhangarhi "E" Litter



I have been breeding since 1995, always choosing a suitable partner for our bitches with aspect to an excellent pedigree, health and good character. We have brought up five beautiful, healthy litters so far.

We always try to find loving and careful owners for them and we are glad to hear about their development.

Dhangarhi Anuttara offspring

Shaggy´s puppies
in the Drog-Tso kennel

Litter "E"

DOB: 03.10.2005
Sire: JCh. A´Jigme Lamleh Schambala
(Sa-Skyon Dwan-Po Fort D´Or Lamleh von Nama-schu x Mocowodo´s X-Model Xanthia )
Dam: Ch. Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya

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Litter "D"

DOB.: 12.2.2005
Sire: ICh. Bembow Lamleh A Child of Kyirong
Dam: Ch. Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya

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Litter "C"

DOB:. 25.9.2000
Sire: Ch. Dschowo´s Chandu (Thu-Sangs Amhir-Aladin x Ski-La-Kyi Paani)
Dam: CChangpal Sirdar

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Litter "B"

DOB:. 1.3.1997
Sire: Champ. Serbalcierro Jaboncillo
(Mirosan Harda-Pa-Da x Serbalcierro Doncella )
Dam: CChangpal Sirdar

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Litter "A"

DOB.: 19.7.1995
Sire: Champ. Bodye Bambabibi
(Dhaulagiri Ananda x Alba Javořinka)
Dam: Cchangpal Sirdar  (Yab-Yontan Sherpa von Nama-schu x Bentei Sadhana)

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