Ch. Orhan Moniet el Nefous Djaal Lhilal

Breeder: Solange de Decker a Marcel van Thienen
Owner: Thomas Kühne & Christoph Wittwer

Swiss Beauty Champion,
BOB on Donaueschingen sighthound festival 2017
(judge Mr. Frost, USA)

Coursing licence
Health: DCM free – 7.3.2019

I fell in love with this special saluki boy, when he was a youngster already. There was some special magic on him, even if I knew him only from photos. Following his development, i was more and more sure, he is THE ONE, i would love to use as a sire of my planned litter with my dear Cherie.

That this breeding would be nice not only because of their pedigrees, but it would come really from my heart.

It was a long way and it was everything but not easy … but my dream came true. Orhan is father of our upcoming litter. I am so very happy, i could meet this smooth boy ” in person” and i am pretty sure, Cherie liked him, too. Orhan is a typical representative of a classic blood line, carrying genes of his amazing father Mussa, top producer of the last years in USA and his mama Hera, coming from classic european lines. He is one of 3 littermates, from the only litter sired by this extraordinary dog, within the whole Europe. He has a really nice, lovely character, kind and pleasant gentleman, strong built, with enough substance, still elegant and moderate.

Orhan lives with his owner Thomas Kühne and two deerhound girls – “Times” and her daughter “Lucy Pearl” in a beautiful, little historical town Burgdorf in Switzerland.

I am using these beautiful photos with kind permission of authors Claudio Vicentini and Martin Brügger. 

Photo credit Djaal Lhilal.